CEO/Division Head for Software (Aura)
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CEO/Division Head for Software (Aura)

King of Prussia, PA

We attract and nurture mission critical talent needed to create breakthrough discoveries in the Life sciences industry.

At Nucleus Healthcare, we understand the industry’s complexities and are experienced in recruiting and staffing in highly matrixed and regulated environments.

Powered by AI and machine learning technologies, our smart platform is a precise talent acquisition and optimization solution that maximizes match and improves retention. Its cutting-edge technology provides the talent recruitment solution required to quickly attract and build quality teams needed to advance groundbreaking developments in advanced therapeutics, biopharma, diagnostics, research tools, and adjacent technologies.

Customizable, our all-in-one platform evolves with an organization through its growth cycle.

Position Summary:
The CEO/Division Head for Software (Aura) will have prior experience as a senior leader and a strong entrepreneurial mindset, as well as a strong software and healthcare background for management, business development and client service efforts for Aura. Drawing on experience building, growing and running a software company will prove valuable for a self-starting professional who values integrity, delivery and provides leadership, coaching and mentoring to senior management teams. Provide overall strategic and operational direction striking a balance between day-to-day operating issues and strategic development initiatives to position the organization for solid, long term growth. Must possess cutting-edge technology skills and knowledge to serve a healthcare organization, while developing strong, collaborative relationships. Passion for new technologies and market trends, ability to detect profitable opportunities driven by markets’ needs.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Grow and structure business; lead teams.
• Design and implement go-to-market strategies.
• Create and structure new business within a broad organization.
• Lead, motivate and direct cross-functional teams encouraging collaborative attitude.
• Broad experience in strategic account management, capacity to create and develop win-win sustainable relationship at executive level.
• Ability to connect people and businesses to enable mutually profitable collaborations.
• Strong leader with motivational management style to retain highly motivated staff and networks.
• Implement policies and procedures that ensure compliance with all company policies and State/Federal rules and regulations.
• Day-to-day focus on financial operations, with unwavering commitment to solid financial performance.
• Represent the organization within the life sciences community and news media.
• Accountable for creating an environment and culture that focuses on fulfilling the organization's mission, vision and values.
• Ensure timely submission of month-end financial and operational reviews, contribute to development of and participation in corporate-wide strategic planning efforts.
• Identify opportunities within the Life Sciences sector for rapid growth.
• Speak the languages of technology and commercialization, blending technical expertise with exceptional interpersonal skills to interact effectively with scientists, sales, staff and customers.
• Set up business plan (competitive analysis, commercial and marketing strategy, financing plan, etc.), identify market opportunity, raise funds, recruit and lead R&D team, prospect and manage key accounts.
• Define, develop and execute strategies to develop new markets and customers.
• Establish Aura as a leading provider of design software solutions and virtual experiences.
• Streamline the way products are designed, produced and supported.
• Grow software business to a $100+ billion enterprise.
• Assess market needs and develop strategy to bring to market disruptive technologies and cutting edge products to transform the healthcare landscape.
• Build a world-class team capable of developing, selling and delivering healthcare technologies to our customers, and successful business-winning leadership team.
• Make customers' lives easier and ensure everyone is on board with corporate strategy.
• Drive revenue growth.
• Lead a full organizational scale-up and recapitalization, focus resources on new technologies and innovative business models to support a full-portfolio or Private Equity back companies.

Education & Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in business administration, healthcare administration, computer science, or other related field; Quality, performance improvement, and/or project management certification. Master’s degree preferred.
• At least 10 years’ experience in software development industry.
• Minimum 5 years’ experience ideally in or around the healthcare industry, or Life Sciences.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills.
• Strong knowledge of computer and software applications used in job functions.
• Expert in cutting edge software technologies.
• Experience with Operational Management, Research and Development, Strategic Market Planning, Business Development, Intellectual Property (Biology), Contracts and Negotiation, Technical instruments, production, design, Technology Assessment, Sales Management and Training, Product Management and Development, Product Commercialization, Stakeholder management, coaching and mentoring.
• Possess excellent communication skills linked with relationship building abilities.

Compensation: TBD

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