Warehouse Driver

Glen Allen, VA

Company Overview:

GENETWORx Laboratory was formed in 2013, with the central focus of positively impacting the lives of people. Now, GENETWORx is dedicating our focus to fighting back against COVID-19. GENETWORx provides governments, employers, healthcare professionals, long term care facilities, universities and others with 99% accurate COVID-19 diagnostic and anti-body tests and sequential testing software in order to re-open America and ensure safe, confident workforces, campuses, communities and more.

Given demand for the GENETWORx COVID-19 tests, you have the unique opportunity to join a growing team providing the gold standard in testing and customer service. We are dedicated to delivering high quality care and are invested in hiring experienced, dedicated professionals who will grow alongside GENETWORx.

GENETWORx is CAP accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory, and is owned by Recovery Centers of America. Achieving the CAP accreditation combined with the CLIA certification demonstrates GENETWORx’s unwavering commitment to patient care. GENETWORx is working within the emergency use authorization guidelines from the United States Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") to specifically conduct COVID-19 testing.

Warehouse Driver: The Warehouse Driver will be responsible for transporting inventory to and from the GENETWORx Lab and Warehouse. The person will be a key member of the warehouse operations team. Loading and unloading cargo at designated locations. This person must be highly motivated and have a keen understanding for delivery schedules.

Key Responsibilities:
* Load and unload cargo (up to 50 pounds)
* Oversee and manage personal delivery schedules.
* Report incidents if there is an issue with delivery or equipment.
* Manage receipts and confirmation notices associated with deliveries and deliver to appropriate personnel.
* Follow safe lifting practices and help colleagues if there is an exceptionally heavy object.
* Maintain safe working habits when driving or loading and unloading cargo.
* Adhere to road safety rules and regulations.

* Must have valid Virginia Driver’s License.
* Must provide a copy of your personal insurance (company will provide insurance and car but must have this information.)
* Ability to drive a Ford to a Sprinter Van.
* High School Diploma or GED equivalent preferred.
* 1+ year of work as a driver work preferred.
* Reliable and hard working.
* Good communication skills.
* Ability to work on weekends when necessary.
* Dedication to exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Employment: Full-time in Glen Allen, VA

Compensation: $18/hr

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