Meet Bullseye

Bullseye offers top of the line software for managing all your hiring needs in one place. Powered by Laborocity, Bullseye’s Applicant Tracking System is ready to carry the weight so you don’t have to. Ready to get started on your new way of handling your job postings, new hires, and your business?

People, Data and Analytics

A single bird's-eye view of your candidate’s entire pipeline. From account creation to onboarding, you’ll always know the status of every candidate.

Everything You Need Tracking

Develop a more effective, structured, interview process with Bullseye’s easy to use tracking system

Onboarding New Hires

Guide new hires through tedious steps like video interviewing, background checks, and document signing in a breeze.

Manage People & Teams

Collect measurable feedback and diminish hiring bias to help your growing team thrive.